The Giraffe Classroom Welcomes Ages 4 to 5 years!


Our Pre-K program builds on Preschool learning and strives to advance each child’s skills in essential and core academic areas. The goal of our Pre-K Curriculum is preparation for Kindergarten. The key components of our program include phonetic reading readiness, math skills readiness, developing responsive listening skills, increasing the length of attention span, fine and large motor skills development, social and emotional well-being, and health and wellness.

Pre-K learning experiences continue to be driven by the needs of the children, through our Creative Curriculum. Daily small-group instruction will encourage cognitive development and teach your child to recognize and write upper and lower case letters, as well as, learning how to write his or her first and last name. We work towards combining letters/sounds to read words and, visual recognition and writing of common sight words/high-frequency words through visual flashcard games and writing activities. Throughout the school year, children will build on their abilities to recognize and write numbers 1-100. Each child gets to spend time with their teacher individually so that we can follow their progress closely and understand their individual needs.   

The development of fine motor skills is practiced through writing with a pencil, safe scissor cutting, and drawing and painting independently. Daily outdoor play encourages the development of large motor skills through participation in a variety of movement activities. Our Pre-K Curriculum is rounded out by exposing our students to a wide variety of cultural and artistic experiences.

Your child and his or her classmates will have continuous opportunities to communicate, cooperate, play, and learn with one another. We strive to teach each child a combination of intellectual skills, motivational qualities, and socioemotional skills, and how to properly use them to enhance social and emotional development and to succeed in school. We enjoy helping your child prepare for kindergarten and beyond, with the skills and confidence needed for a lifetime of academic success.