The Penguins Classroom Welcomes Ages 12 months to 24 months!


The second year of life is so full of wonder and curiosity, and we know that pre-toddlers can be a bundle of endless energy! We provide a safe environment for exploration, excitement, and exercise. We channel that energy into learning and fun! At this age, your child is growing and learning so much about his or her body and the wonderful world around them. Our loving teachers enjoy getting to know each child and their evolving personalities to ensure a strong bond and to make your child feel safe and comfortable in their environment.

On their level, we teach through play to stimulate and encourage creativity and imagination. We provide many opportunities to explore through play, songs, finger plays, interactive reading and sensory activities. We focus on language and cognitive skills development during circle time, which is done in short intervals to captivate their attention. Through play, simple daily interactions and learning experiences, we will help your child acquire new language and skills. Learning experiences are designed to address the individual needs and abilities of each child because all children grow and learn at their own pace and in their own unique way.

Socially, your child will begin to learn how to properly communicate through language and interact with peers, by taking turns, sharing, and being kind to one another. Your child will enjoy being in the company of other children and this interaction will advance their social and emotional development. Our pre-toddler program is a safe, secure, loving environment for your child to grow and learn, and seeing the transformation from baby to toddler is quite amazing!